Advancing Kelp Nursery Infrastructure and Technology Webinar

Join us for a conversation on Advancing Kelp Nursery Technology and Infrastructure, Wednesday, February 1st
Last year, GreenWave revamped its kelp nursery and implemented new infrastructure and technology to: Increase labor and energy efficienciesImprove seed quality while reducing the costs of operationDevelop a modular model for kelp seed production that could be replicated throughout southern New England and beyond This presentation will review the major transformations to GreenWave’s kelp nursery, including water treatment systems, lighting, cooling, and standard operating procedures, and will share preliminary findings from the 2022-2023 production season. 

We invite insight, updates, and discussion from other hatchery technicians on lessons learned from the 2022-2023 season. The recording of this event will be shared on the Community in the Ocean Farming Hub. 

This conversation is part of GreenWave’s Farmer Forum, which is a series designed to bring active kelp farmers together to discuss seasonally-relevant topics with subject matter experts.Event DetailsAdvancing Kelp Nursery Infrastructure and Technology
February 1, 2023
3—4 PM EST (11 AM—12 PM AK) 
Online (Zoom)Register
Please reach out with any questions to

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