Kelp Purveyors

A selection of international purveyors creating tasty products from kelp and seaweed.


Kelp burgers and jerky sourced from a network of regenerative ocean farms along the Northeast coast of the USA.

Atlantic Sea Farms

Fermented Seaweed Salad, Kelp Smoothie Cubes, Kelp Sauerkraut, Kelp Kimchi grown in the clean, cold waters of Maine.

Barnacle Foods

Hand-harvested Alaskan ingredients, Barnacle brings the unique flavors from the wilds of Alaska’s coast to your kitchen.

Foraged & Found

Alaskan Women owned business utilizing wild harvested, sustainably sourced kelp to create pickles, salsas and sauces.

Mara Seaweed

Tasty and nutritious seaweed flavorings from the UK. Mara Seaweed is harvested sustainably from the pure, wild waters around Scotland and Ireland


Sustainably Hand Harvested Bull Kelp Relish from Southeast Alaska.


Sea Grove Kelp Co.

Seagrove Kelp Co.’s sustainably grown Genuine Alaska Seaweed is used in a variety of the finest seaweed products.