Kelp Climate Fund Signup

The Kelp Climate Fund is a subsidy program that provides farmers direct payment for farming kelp in recognition of the environmental benefits their farms provide, including carbon and nitrogen removal and reef restoration. The way the program works is farmers report the total amount of seedstring they outplant in the fall, and agree to collect key monitoring data on kelp growth rates throughout the season. GreenWave aggregates this data to track total kelp planted and the resulting climate benefits throughout farms in North America.

Farmers will be paid $1 per foot of kelp seed planted, up to $25,000 per farm at the time of harvest.

To be eligible for the Kelp Climate Fund, farms must be located in US or Canadian waters and outplant 1,000 or more feet of seedstring.

The fund for the 2022-2023 season has been fully allocated, but we are actively fundraising to try to support more farmers this season. We also anticipate growing this fund each year. Please apply to be considered for a waiting list, and we’ll be in touch if funding opens up.

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