The Power of the Sea and CBD

Introducing the Seaweed – CBD Brownie. These delicious seaweed brownies, are a rich treat made with Alaska kelp and CBD.  These brownies harness the power of the sea and CBD, incorporating nutrient rich sea vegetables with the benefits of CBD. Cacao nibs and sea salt flakes complement the sweet kelp coulis and add texture to the brownies. The beautiful dark green flecks of kelp add a slight chewiness to counter the crunch of the cacao nibs. Serve with coffee for a lunch time treat, or with a glass of red wine or port after a meal. These decadent brownies also pair well with a glass of champagne or prosecco for any celebration.

Why did we want to make a kelp brownie?  We came up with the concept of a kelp brownie because we wanted to provide consumers and processors the opportunity to expand their concept of seaweed as an ingredient, from savory to sweet. Seaweed has been a traditional ingredient in many cultural foods. It was used in puddings in Ireland, and there is candied seaweed which can be added to muffins and cookies, yet seaweed has most often been viewed as a savory food. Seaweed is versatile and adds nutrients, flavor, and fiber to all your baking specialties. Dried or roasted seaweed can intensify the flavor and may not be suitable for sweet applications, while fresh or frozen will be a more subtle addition like zucchini or spinach.

AND just like ASMI’s SWAP the MEAT, lets SWAP the Vegetables to Sea Vegetables, a perfect accompaniment to seafood and helps to support local communities!

What is the Symphony of Seafood? The Symphony of seafood is a celebration of innovation and the wide range or uses for Alaska seafood! The Symphony highlights the uniqueness of Alaska’s products and the story of the people that harvest and live in these communities, thus, exposing these products to the market place.

Recyclable packaging,  (hopefully to someday be from seaweed) 

Retail $4.00 CBD infused $3.50 uninfused.

A common question is: What is the difference between seaweed and kelp? Explore the Kelptastic website for information and links to learn more about the curious world of seaweeds!

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